Summer Reminders

With summer approaching there are several community & safety rules that need to be remembered:

Window air conditioners must be installed in a professional manner including but not limited to: No holes drilled to the exterior of the building and the use of wood or particleboard painted the same color as the building or the use of Plexiglas, cut to fit the opening just above the air conditioner, and air conditioner placed on safe and secure ledge outside of the window. Also, have something in place to catch any excess water coming from air conditioning unit.

Open windows present a potential risk to those who may not be aware.

Window screens are intended solely to keep bugs out.  They are not intended to support a person’s weight or prevent a person from falling from an open window – there is a risk of serious injury or death if a person leans against a screen.

Keep children from sitting or playing on window sills, and keep windows shut and locked when children are left unattended for child safety.

Window stops and other devices that restrict a window from opening are not provided by the landlord because of the dangers associated with fire and ability to occupants to escape.  If the tenant desires to use such devices, they must be approved by the landlord before being installed and the tenant must accept full responsibility for the use of such devices.   

The only items approved for use on the patio/deck are: plants, bicycles, patio type furniture and propane barbeques. Recyclables, garbage, laundry or other equipment may not be kept on the decks/patios.