About JPM

JPM achieves optimum performance in real estate investments through outstanding service to clients, tenants, and communities.

Marketing for The Technological Era

JPM Real Estate uses a combination of traditional marketing along with community web based media to target qualified renters to your property. We maintain a professional web presence and believe in heavy internet exposure. By drawing renters to JPM’s web site, and your property, via a mass marketing approach, we focus renters to the property that suits their needs. We are able to attract a greater number of renters to you for the same advertising dollar.

Maintenance & Landscaping

We provide quality work for less. By centralizing your overhead costs and taking advantage of collective buying power JPM is able to offer the main-tenance services your property needs without extras. We also enjoy long standing relationship with dozens of Metro Multifamily Housing Association approved companies allowing us to negotiate the best prices on any work done by outside vendors.

Prompt and Accurate Accounting

We take great pride in our accounting department with over 30 years of property management accounting experience. Utilizing the latest software our fully computerized record keeping allows us to produce comprehensive and accurate reports quickly. Creating access to real time information when we need it and you want it. All of our clients are sent monthly statements no later than the 10th of the following month, and any of our reports can be emailed directly to you.

We are about more than managing assets. We’re about building relationships!